RTS Request to Speak

With COVID-19 making it more difficult to be political active in person, take advantage of Arizona's RTS system

The RTS System

The Request To Speak (RTS) system allows the public to register opinions and comment on bills as they pass through the Arizona Senate and House of Representatives. The online RTS system means you don't need to travel to the capitol building except to register for an account. It replaces the old paper system which meant to speak or register an opinion you had to be physically at the capitol. After the initial setup, at a kiosk in the capitol, the RTS program allows you to participate from your home or office. You can only comment on bills that are currently assigned to a committee agenda; once the bill is heard in the committee it's closed for comments.

RTS is a great way to make your opinion heard in a more formal way than social media or writing or phoning your rep. RTS comments are transmitted to each legislator and become part of the record for each bill. While a bill is in committee, a large proportion of negative feedback via the RTS system may influence whether it moves further.

Can't Make it to a Kiosk?

Designate someone to go for you. Go to Civic Engagement Beyond Voting.  They have an automated form on their site and can send someone to the Capitol to create your account. You'll receive a confirmation email with instructions and a temporary password which you can change when you first sign into the RTS system. You need to sign up for Request To Speak only one time, it does not expire. The system recognizes your email address, and allows one account per email address.

Happy speaking!

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