Get Ready to Vote

Find out what you need to vote in Maricopa County Elections

Prepare to Vote

Voter ID

There are three classes of ID's that are considered valid as proof of identification on voting day. has a useful tool to tell you if the ID you have will be enough for you to vote.

ID At the Polls Tool

What District Am I In?

If you're in Maricopa county, click the link below to be taken to the County Recorder's tool to verify your district.

District Locator

Find a Polling Location

Whether you're voting on election day or voting early in Maricopa County, find a polling location near me using the polling locator below

Polling Place Locator

Military Voters

Military and Overseas voters, and their dependent family members, have special voting rights under federal and state law

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Voters With Disabilities

Voters with disabilities have several options including voting early from home by mail while on the PEVL or early in person or on election day.  All polling places are equipped with accessible voting equipment and curbside voting is available. For more details reach you to your local County Elections Department. For Maricopa County the web site is

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