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What do you publish?

We love to hear personal stories as it relates to political and social life in this state, opinions on Arizona political, social and community issues. Are you running for local politics, reach out to us to be interviewed. Organizing in your community, tell us about how you're making Arizona better. These are just some ideas.

What's format do you need?

Features require 700-1200 words, ideally with at least one high quality photo in a 1.6:1 ratio, e.g. 1920px x 1200px. By submitting a feature you grant Black Mountain News the right to publish your piece andshare on social media without limitation. For a full list of our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Do you pay for submissions?

At this time we do not. As a volunteer organization we cannot offer compensation for content submitted.


What kind of work do you do?

As well as maintaining a digital platform to promote a just and equitable Arizona, we also work with groups in LD1 who organize voter registration drives and canvassing for Democrat candidates. During the COVID-19 period, which we expect to go on for many months action groups across the district are in dire need of people willing to phone, text or write post cards from the comfort and safety of their homes. Please reach out to us directly at

Can I work as your web developer?

During this difficult time when many of us will be reliant on the web for information and to build and maintain relationships the importance of projects like Black Mountain News has increased in importance. If you have experience in web development whether professionally or as a hobby or want to use your time while not in school to build a portfolio, please reach out to us to discuss opportunities

Can I organize a meet-up?

In adherence with strict social distancing guidelines set out by the World Health Organization and infectious disease control experts, we have temporarily paused all in person meet-ups. As the COVID-19 situation develops we will update our policy as circumstances allow. We are however interested in proposals to organize virtual meet-ups. If you're interested in hosting a Facebook Live event please reach out to us at

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We post regularly on Twitter and Facebook. Like and follow to see the latest.

How can I find out what you're up to?

We also maintain a calendar of events going on across LD1. If you have an event you'd like us to add please get in touch

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